Your Girl

picture1 One of my favorite childhood songs was “I’m Just a Girl,” by No Doubt.take-this-pink-ribbon-off-my-eyes.gif

At age 5, I’m not sure I understood the words that belted out of my lungs as I screamed Gwen Stefani’s lyrics.

But I do now.

You see, I’m just a girl but I’m not your typical prototype. I’m just a girl but I’m no longer living in captivity. I’m just a girl who’s no longer asking you, “what’s my destiny?”

It may have taken me twenty odd years but I’m now on the path to fulfilling my destiny.

I am on the path to simply grasping things at the root.

What do I mean by “grasping the roots?” I’m talking about digging deep; to the core. Figuring out what’s underground- or in this case, inside of me- stopping me from being the best human I can be. I’m talking about doing anything in my power to replenish my roots so that I can grow to be the beautiful, strong plant Mother Nature created me to be.

I’m also talking about replenishing the soil where I grow so that others can grow from the same nutrients I absorb.

I’d like to say that before I can replenish the soil I share with others, I must first work on myself. But I’m not sure that much is true. I think I can do both; simultaneously.

While the main intent of my blog, right now, is to provide a space for me to process my random thoughts and experiences, I’ll do my best to sprinkle some fertilizer in the soil where I plant my seeds.

I’m not here to inspire, empower or educate. I’m here mostly to rant. I don’t edit my posts. I write from my heart. I write random thoughts. I share my odd experiences. Just because.

However, that may change. As I grow, I am sure my blog will grow too.One day I may write with purpose but until that day, I’m going to enjoy processing my ratchet thoughts and sharing my rants that I had to move off Facebook so not to upset my dear Grammy.

I’ll do my best, in each post, to connect you with those who are in the place to dedicate their time and energy to inspiring, empowering and educating others.

Just as it takes a village to raise a family, it takes a village to create and maintain a healthy forest. So while I process, through my blog, I encourage you to take the extra effort to dig deeper too. To begin or continue your own journey towards grasping the roots.

If our forest is to sustain, we need you too. We need the best version of you.

I’m working on becoming the best version of me. I hope you’re doing the same.

In peace, love and partnership,