The Truth Will Set You AND Me Free

Let this sink in…


In both Biblical (John 8:32) and secular contexts, we’ve all heard “the truth will set you free.”

As a collectivist, I have to make an adjustment to this popular phrase. Yes, the truth will set you free but it will set me free too.

This week, two people near to my heart included me in one of their most vulnerable moments; sharing their naked truth.

Despite being the Queen of TMI (too much information), I too have lies that I keep dressed up, frontin’ like my stuff don’t stink because I too fear how others might perceive me if they knew my naked truth.

This week, I’m left feeling inspired and empowered by the two courageous people who allowed their selves to be vulnerable and own their stuff.

They too dressed their lie up. I’m sure because they also feared how others might perceive them; how others may respond. Will I be welcomed? Will I be respected? Will you stay with me, knowing my naked truth? I’m sure these are some of the thoughts that raced through their mind, heart and soul as they mustered the courage to embrace their naked truth.

In both cases, they were received with unconditional love, support and understanding.

I thank God for that because that’s not always the case.

We’ve all got stuff.

Because of you two, I feel more confident in my ability to embrace my own naked truth.

Thank you. 9ee4ef08772d26282c36cfe9445ee707.jpg

This week, you both set yourself free.

You set me free too.

Again, thank you.

Peace and Unconditional Love,






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