Is You ‘Bout That Post-Election #Thanksgivingclapback Life?

Yesterday, my Momma warned me: “NO political talk at Thanksgiving dinner!”

My response, of course:


As far as I’m concerned, if you ’bout that “elect and/or support an openly bigoted, White supremacist to be the President of the United States of AmeriKKKa” life, you gon deal with my post-election #Thanksgivingclapbacks.

You have no choice.

Just like I, a Black woman, and many other people who are marginalized now have no choice but to figure out how to survive a Trump presidency while you sit pretty in your F*ing  [p.s. Sorry for the language, Grammy] White privilege and enjoy your Greens, Beans, Potatoes, Tomatoes at Thanksgiving dinner.

Short Sidebar: Because we need something to laugh at as we prepare for the dismal journey we’re about to embark on

Now back to my regularly scheduled rant.

We absolutely MUST talk politics at Thanksgiving this year. Why?

  1. See above…. our “President” Elect is an openly bigoted, White supremacist. Not enough for you? Move on to number two.
  2.  This fool had the nerve to conjure up up all his White supremacist buddies to join his cabinet.

Need I say more? In case I do, here is reason number three:

3. We’re way past “differences in political opinion.” This is about the safety and well-being of people with marginalized identities.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the two weeks since Election Day, there has been more than 700 reports of hate crimes across AmeriKKKa.

This is not okay and we will NO longer be silent.

My White family and friends don’t fully understand the privilege they have, simply for being white. They don’t fully understand how a vote for Trump was a vote for hate. They don’t fully understand how a vote for Trump was a slap in the face of their Black, Brown, Queer, Female Identified, and/or Mexican family members. They don’t fully understand how their choice to be silent pre- and post-election is essentially equivalent to consenting to hate, oppression and violence.

They don’t understand how it kills me slowly inside to be told, as a Black woman, to “sit in silence”at Thanksgiving dinner and not clap back at the F*ery [p.s. Sorry for the language, Grammy] they just induced.

But guess what…


It’s time to clap back! 

The funny part of this rant is that I’m actually spending Thanksgiving with my family who, for the most part, “get’s it.” So my rant is really hypothetical in nature because I won’t actually be with my racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc.-phobic “family” members. And I technically don’t have to be ’bout that post-election #thanksgivingclapback life.

For those who aren’t as fortunate, I am curious… Is You ‘Bout That Post-Election #Thanksgivingclapback Life? Do you plan on being silent or are you clapping back? I’d argue you’re obligated to clap back. It’s time to hold our family and friends accountable.

If you plan on clapping back, will you Listen to Your Inner Ratchet or the “Not-So-Evil” You? Below are two articles that may provide support, depending on the option you choose.


Option One: Your Inner Ratchet says “They’ve gone beyond politics and should be treated like the pariahs they are.

Option Two: Your “Not-so-Evil” You says “I’m in a role or emotional headspace where I can speak to a loved one about how their views discount the lived realities of so many other communities and get them to care about injustice.

After your -itis has worn off, let me know how your clap back went. I can’t wait to hear. 

P.S. What would a #Thanksgivingclapback inspired blog post be without sharing my favorite clapback?



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