Just Wanna Do Hoodrat Stuff

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Adulting sucks. Point blank period.

I don’t even have “real” adult responsibilities (i.e., child(ren), mortgage, etc.) and my life still sucks.

I know I should be grateful that, at 26, I have two degrees, a full time job in a field that I love, I’m healthy and my monthly expenses are only 50% of my net income. Nonetheless, I still find adulthood deplorable.

Life was much better six years ago when I was in college doing hoodrat stuff with my friends. Unlike 7 year old Latarian, I wasn’t taking grammy’s car for a joyride or beating people up because they wouldn’t buy me chicken wings. However, I was living my life and enjoying every second of it (while handling business of course).

I’d like to reclaim this phrase. Instead of hoodrat stuff, maybe we can call it self-care.

Yes, self-care is more politically correct. 

I just wanna do self-care stuff with my friends. No, not guided meditation, hot stone massage, exercise type of self-care. I want, no need, hoodrat, laugh until you pee, not giving two F’s [p.s. Sorry for the language, Grammy] about what people think of you, being utterly embarrassed but can help but smile when that picture pops up on your Facebook Timehop type of self-care.

Adulting shouldn’t suck. So let’s stop letting it.

Do hoodrat stuff with your friends. You don’t need to be scandalous, irresponsible or down right ratchet (unless you want to) but you can be RADICAL, engage in self-care and enjoy every second of it. 




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  1. Emagic08 says:

    I believe we can enjoy adulthood. I love my life more now than i did sunce i was a child. Its not that i had a bad childhood. To the contrary, i had a good ( despite being poor) childhood. Now, i have found what i love, and i understand what it is i love about it. Being surrounded by those with nothing to lose who can appreciate everything thats gained. However, i do keep some key words in mind….as long as it doesn’t “infringe on the rights of others,” it all go!!

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