To Knicker or Not to Knicker: That is the Question

At this very moment, we’re having a national conversation about race. It’s so loud, we can’t ignore. Now, this may not be new for some but for others…this is the first time they’ve broken the cardinal rule: “At all costs, avoid talking about religion, politics…and (in this case) RACE.”

This brings me to the great debate: To Knicker or not to Knicker?

When is it permissible to say nigger? Is it okay if we just say nigga? What if we’re just singing along to our favorite song… then is it okay? If my token Black or Brown friend sponsors my Nigga Card, then can I say it?

Normally, I’d apologize to my Grammy for my language. But not today. Why? Because Nigga is my word to use and I’ll do with it what I please.

Spoiler alert: Now you know my stance. I say nigger, occasionally. Usually when mocking how someone without melanin would use this word. I also say Nigga. Quite frequently, actually.

As far as I am concerned, Nigga (and Nigger too) belongs to Black and Brown people.  So… unless you have a dash of melanin, it’s not for you. #Sorrynotsorry.

My Knicker, Jidenna, would agree. As this fine brother (sorry, I had to) would say, “You [White people] can say the N-word. Yeah, of course, anyone can say anything… but you might get your ass whooped.” [p.s. Sorry for the language, Grammy]. He goes on to say, “It’s not a term of endearment from a White person. It just isn’t for me. It may be for some other person and that’s fine. I just make the record clear; It never will be.”

I agree.

If you, my non-melanin friend, say Nigga or Nigger, I will always be uncomfortable. Yes, even if your token Black or Brown friend sponsors your Nigga Card. Despite the movement by some Black and Brown folk to ban the N-word, I will never be uncomfortable with another melanin friend saying Nigger or Nigga.

If my use of Nigga or Nigger makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry for your luck. I really don’t care. Refer to my post “Don’t Matter if You’re Black or White,” where I say:

“Sit in your discomfort. It will pass. But unlike you, my discomfort is not temporary. It doesn’t arise when someone challenges me. I am uncomfortable every day as a Black woman in America. If I can survive 26… going on 27 years of discomfort, you can survive the few minutes of me holding you accountable. “

I am curious though. What is your stance? Do you Knicker or not?


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