It don’t matter if you’re Black or White.

I’m sorry, Michael Jackson. You were wrong. It indeed does matter if you’re Black or White… or in my case, Black and White.

As my consciousness rose and I began to speak out against the systematic devaluing of and violence against my Black and Brown brothers and sisters (and other folks who are marginalized too), I began to hear a five word phrase that pushes me over the edge:

“Don’t forget, you’re White too.”

To my dear family, friends and strangers. The ones who say this to me every time I check their privilege or push back on their [insert *ist] comment or action. I have a five letter phrase for you: STFUP (Shut the F Up, Please). [p.s. Sorry, for the language Grammy.]

Trust me. I know that I am “White too.” First of all, you remind me so much that it would be hard to forget. Secondly, I live in a world where I do not have the privilege to be color blind, so I am well aware of my racial identity, despite your failed attempts to stifle it.

My Bro-Blackness is not Anti-Whiteness. Please, remember that. In fact, I’d argue my Bro-Blackness is an asset to you because while I fight to make the world safer for my Black and Brown brothers and sisters (and other folks who are marginalized), I am making the world better for you too. Let that sink in.

I know that I am making you uncomfortable. Challenging you. Inviting you to critically explore your privilege and the oppression of people who are marginalized. It’s not because I do not love you. In fact, it’s because I love you so much that I’ve made it my personal mission to support your growth as a human being.

Sit in your discomfort. It will pass. But unlike you, my discomfort is not temporary. It doesn’t arise when someone challenges me. I am uncomfortable every day as a Black woman in America. If I can survive 26… going on 27 years of discomfort, you can survive the few minutes of me holding you accountable.  

In Peace and Love,

Your unapologetically Black AND White Pro-Black loved one








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